Hi!  I’m so glad you’re here!  Instead of boring you with the details of how I got started in photography I’d rather give you a list of things about me.  I am:

  • A mom, a stepmom and a wife.  (Oh and I’m a pet mom too)
  • I’m married to the most amazing man on the planet and it just gets better everyday (and no, he’s not even “new”)
  • Being a mom has been hands down the BEST gift I’ve ever been given
  • Eggplant parmigiana is something I could eat every single day for the rest of my life
  • I worked in corporate America for 26yrs
  • My eyeliner is tattooed on but I still wear eyeliner
  • I love non-fiction shows like “Forensic Files” and documentaries
  • I’m really nerdy.  I have to read the manual first!
  • I’m convinced Amazon will soon take over the world.
  • I’ve always wanted to work with and help special needs kids. I would have loved to be a Special Ed teacher.
  • Creating websites is something I love to do for fun
  • We use homeopathic remedies and essential oils at home to take care of 99% of any ailments
  • I’m a Reiki Master, have 2 certificates in integrative health and I’m also a Master Certified Life & Weight Coach
  • I love lifestyle photos in black and white (see below)




You might notice that in addition to doing client work there is a lot of what you may think of as boring and plain old everyday type photos. They probably mean nothing to some but they mean everything to me. I love documenting “everyday life”. It’s the little things that I remember from when I was a kid that bring back those memories that make me feel good – making crazy mud pies with my brother in the backyard, playing for weeks on end with my Rubik’s cube until I finally figured it out, hanging out in my room and listening to the radio and singing with a hairbrush microphone (I know you’re laughing because you did it too!). BUT, I have no pictures of this stuff – only the “say cheese” pics! So the only memory I have of these things is what’s in my head which is a bummer – I can’t show my kids what my green machine looked like or the time my hamsters had 16 babies!! Back in the day “everyday life” was boring and undocumented but it’s what made us who we are today and I want my kids to remember their “everyday” because that “everyday” is what will bring them smiles and warm their hearts in years to come.

Because I don’t have these types of photos I’ve sort of made it my mission to document our everyday life. When the boys grow up they’ll remember having every Batman ever made, 5000 Ninja Turtles, wearing crazy superhero capes, making home made couch forts, wrestling and playing SkyRim on Xbox. Most of all I hope they’ll be able to look back at all these photos and remember their childhood (and life!) being filled with fun and love.

I know they won’t forget me chasing them around with the camera, that’s for sure 😉

Have a look around and I hope you enjoy our everyday 🙂

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